Fix up the attics with Vintit Kuntoon!

A housing cooperative from Espoo decided to install additional insulation in its attic on the eve of winter

A 13-apartment terraced housing cooperative located in Espoo’s Honkaportti got new additional insulation in its attic before the winter’s sub-zero weather. Property manager Aatto Virta had decided to have the housing cooperative’s attic inspected, and found that at least additional attic insulation work would be needed. The housing cooperative also carried out apartment-specific thermal camera measurements, and in one apartment, leaks were found in the roof, and in the attic, for example, there were mouse tracks. Therefore, it was decided to do all the attic insulation work at once. Aatto Virta started looking at companies that offer additional attic insulation services.

Superior expertise ensured the decision

– I approached different companies that offer insulation services and asked for offers. After taking offers, one stood out above the rest. The additional attic insulation expert at Termex-Eriste Oy, Jouni Varis, provided an answer superior in its expertise. He familiarised himself with the target, gave accurate job descriptions and estimates, and ample information about the blown-in Termex Cellulose insulation.

After receiving the offer and before the actual blowing, additional attic insulation expert Jouni Varis arrived to inspect the site. Aatto immediately felt that the work was in good hands.

– Jouni both did a comprehensive inspection of the attic and applied wool to the pipes before the actual insulation blowing work. He also checked the condition of all the fire protection and duct sealing in the attic. That way, everything was, without a doubt, ready for blowing in the insulation itself. This is what I might call true expertise!”

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Brisk installation without bothering the residents

When the installation day came, everything was ready. Therefore, the blowing work itself was efficient. Aatto monitored the action from a close distance and got good tips and made useful observations regarding the attic at the same time.

– The installation went briskly and professionally, even finishing an hour before the agreed deadline. The blowing of the insulation did not disturb the lives of the residents in any way, and I have since heard nothing but praise for the work itself. Living comfort has also improved, and the feeling of a draft has decreased. Now we eagerly await the next benefit, which is future electricity bills. Once more, a big thank you to the Termex crew!”