Wall insulation

The spray-on installation does not leave you cold!

Launched by Termex-Eriste Oy back in 1988, the originally North American wall spray-on installation technology is a superior way to insulate walls. Blown-in insulation fibers fill even small gaps and holes, forming a uniform, seamless insulation layer that perfectly fills the profile to be insulated. For example, the additional insulation of a log wall, where the shape of the surface causes challenges for board insulation, can be handled flawlessly by spray-on installation.

The insulation layer is blown a little too thick in comparison to the supporting beams, after which the surface of the insulation is leveled with a wall scrubber. The surplus is recycled, and there is no waste at all. Fast, easy, efficient – perfection!

Spray-on installation:


Sidox® keeps the insulation in place. The wind does not move the insulation and the insulation keeps its shape. The advantages arise from the new and advanced installation method, in which the fibers are tied to each other and to the structures with a solidifying agent added to the insulation. During installation, the fibers are attached to each other, forming an uniform light insulating mass.

After installing Sidox®, there are no seam leaks that are typical of board insulation. Sidox® guarantees permanent, seamless and tight insulation.

Sidox® installation technology can also be used to insulate walls and partition walls – an excellent way to additionally insulate, for example, a log wall, because the insulation fibers attach to each other and to structures, filling small holes and gaps seamlessly.

Sidox® is protected trademark of Termex-Eriste Oy.