DIY Insulation

Installing thermal insulation with a small blowing machine yourself

Blown-in Termex Cellulose insulation is an excellent thermal insulation material. It is often suitable as additional insulation to be installed directly on top of sawdust and mineral wool insulation.

For the installation of cellulose insulation, we recommend our Termex installation service, but you can also do small insulation work yourself, if necessary: you can rent a Pony mini-blower with accessories and the necessary amount of thermal insulation from your nearest Termex retailer.

Termex Cellulose insulation is delivered in easy-to-move plastic bags. A trailer or a van is often enough to transport the bags and the blowing machine.

Our expert helps in calculating the number of bags – ask for more details -> here

Termex Cellulose insulation is packed in easy-to-move bags

Remember to follow the installation instructions exactly to guarantee the best result.

See instructions for installing blow-in insulation yourself

Insulation with Termex Cellulose insulation is an economically friendly choice

Did you know that housing consumes 40% of all energy? The building regulations of the future will demand ever better energy and environmental efficiency. By improving the thermal insulation of houses, we create more environmentally friendly living and produce significant cost savings in housing.

Termex Cellulose insulation is fire and moisture-safe blown thermal insulation for modern construction, made ecologically by defibrating recycled paper. Carbon-neutral Termex Cellulose insulation is produced with as little environmental impact as possible, utilising EKOenergy-labelled electricity. Finnish Termex Cellulose insulation is a safe, researched product. It also has a CE mark and an environmental product declaration.