Floor and intermediate floor insulation

Non-settle seamless insulation layer quickly and reliably

Seamless insulation that does not settle

As a wood-based material Termex Cellulose insulation enables correctly functioning structures in terms of humidity and temperature. Termex Cellulose insulation is blown-in through the pipe with air pressure into the open space. The insulating fibers form a seamless and efficient insulation layer that perfectly fills the cavity to be insulated.

The method of installation is decisive

In the floors the surface of the insulation is blown to approx. 30% extra strength compared to the supporting beams. The insulation surface is compacted to a flat level. The density of the insulation is more than 41 kg/m3, which results in time-resistant insulation layer that does not settle.

In intermediate floors, a 100-125 mm underfill is often enough for good sound insulation.

In connection with the renovation, the old saw dust or soil insulation is completely removed. The structures are inspected and the damaged material is renewed. After blowing the Termex Cellulose, the breathable Termex air barrier paper and new floor material are installed. This creates a durable, draft-free floor structure.


Forget old-fashioned board or batt insulation – order installed blown-in insulation for the floor insulation!

Floor insulation: