Termex Zero -structure

Structures that function in terms of humidity and heat

Termex Zero – an energy-saving and safe wooden construction concept

The Termex Zero structure family is a test-proved, energy-saving and safe structural solution in which wood plays the main role. As a wood-based, breathable material, Termex Cellulose insulation enables functional structures in terms of humidity and temperature. It evens out the structure’s humidity and temperature fluctuations and reduces the moisture stress on the frame’s wooden elements.

The thermal conductivity of Termex Zero structures is very low, which leads to excellent energy efficiency of the structures.

Termex Zero is good construction quality

The Termex Zero structures used in walls and flat roofs meet the energy efficiency requirements of a zero-energy house (the U-value requirement according to §33 of the energy efficiency regulation is 0.12 for walls, 0.07 for roofs). The Termex Zero structure is based on both I-beam and lattice frame construction. There are no thermal bridges in the wall. The Termex Cellulose insulation used in the structure is a moisture-balancing wood fibre-based cellulose insulation, which enables functioning structures in terms of building physics.

Tens of projects have already been implemented with Termex Zero structures in Finland, including the following housing exhibition destinations:

  • 2012 “Tervakukka” and “Ruislaine” in Vuores, Tampere;
  • 2015 “Verso” in Kivistö, Vantaa;
  • 2016 “Nuuka” in Seinäjoki.

Termex Zero structure solutions

more info about the structure solutions

Termex Zero structure solutions

More info about the structure solutions