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Termex Cellulose insulation – unique living comfort

Termex Cellulose insulation is a fire and moisture-proof blowing wool for modern construction, made ecologically by defibrating recycled paper. Wood-based, moisture balancing Termex Cellulose insulation enables a breathable structure by equalising its moisture fluctuations, and it thus contributes to maintaining ideal indoor air in your home.

A draft-free, even room temperature and excellent indoor air guarantee superior living comfort.

A properly insulated house is warm in winter and cool in the summer heat

Made in Finland, Termex Cellulose insulation is an efficient, high-quality thermal insulation material. Its excellence is based on the seamlessness of the thermal insulation and the breathability of the porous wood fibres, and its low air permeability. Termex Cellulose insulation has a high specific heat capacity, meaning a high resistance to temperature changes. This property evens out sudden fluctuations in room temperature in relation to the outdoor temperature.

Good thermal insulation keeps the room temperature pleasant both in the summer heat and in freezing temperatures.

Fire and moisture-proof insulation

In the case of a fire, Termex Cellulose insulation retains its volume without melting, even at high temperatures, and it burns by slowly smouldering (1–2 mm/min). A wood-framed Termex Cellulose insulation wall meets the strict REI 30 and REI 60 classes. The European fire class of Termex Cellulose insulation is B-s2,d0 (extremely low contribution on fire).

Fire spreads more slowly in a wall structure with cellulose wool insulation

Source: National Research Council Canada: A-4057.2/13.7.1991

As wood-based thermal insulation, cellulose insulation enables a wood structure that functions properly in terms of moisture and heat. The secret to the long life of single-material wooden structures is their ability to breathe, that is, to release and bind moisture – even to evaporate the water droplets that have ended up entering the structure. Breathable thermal insulation evens out the structure’s moisture fluctuations and thus reduces the moisture stress on the wood frame. Under normal conditions, moisture does not condense into water in cellulose insulation structures..

The breathable structure allows the passage of water vapour, as well as other gases such as carbon dioxide. In addition to ventilation, gaseous pollutants in the indoor air are also expelled through moisture balancing structures.

Termex is good, researched construction quality

Carbon-neutral Termex Cellulose insulation is produced with as little environmental impact as possible, utilising EKOenergy-labelled electricity.

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The unique benefits of Termex Cellulose insulation