Easyfloc-isolation station

EASYFLOC – the new standard of industrial insulation

Industrial wood construction has developed strongly in recent years. The work has increasingly moved from the construction site to the production facilities. The modernity of the production lines, a high degree of automation, the optimization of cost structures and quality are necessary steps towards competitive production. The EASYFLOC insulation station manufactured by the Swiss company Isofloc AG will help your company take this step forward – effortlessly. The EASYFLOC insulation station sets a new standard for modern insulation technology.


EASYFLOC raises production to a new level and significantly improves the cost efficiency and quality of insulation work!

EASYFLOC – the patented and original

The G3-generation EASYFLOC Blowing table is a modern tool in industrial wood construction: ease of use, low dust and 3-stage quality assurance guarantee a reliable end result – insulation installation is easy, fast and safe. The G3-generation EASYFLOCs are compatible with the Weinmann Multibridge 380 workstation.

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The EASYFLOC blowing plate is placed on top of a wooden element, the long side of which is open when viewed from the inside or outside. Filling nozzles can be freely selected according to the element. The installation of the fiber on the element is done completely automatically. The patented EASYFLOC membrane structure of the blowing table ensures a low-dust working environment. The equipment is easy and safe to use. The operation can be performed by one person.

Three-stage quality assurance:

1. Pressure detection: Easyfloc stops the fiber feed automatically when the desired blowing frequency is reached.

2. Weighing: The system has a scale that weighs and reports the density on an element-by-element basis.

3. Sensory inspection: the insulation result can be inspected visually and, if necessary, by touch immediately after filling.

After quality assurance and reporting, the element is ready to move forward on the production line.

EASYFLOC is a trademark of Isofloc AG.

Säkitön™ loose-fill-container – saves on logistics

EASYFLOC combined with the Säkitön™ loose-fill-container brings significant savings in both costs and emissions.