Energy efficiency

Affect energy efficiency with structural solutions and insulation

Good structural energy efficiency is a sustainable and economical choice for reducing costs and emissions during a building’s life cycle. A well-insulated building is comfortable and economical to live in. It maintains its value and creates a good mood among its residents.

”Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one, don’t compromise on the insulation!””

  • Air tightness of the building envelope
  • Seamless thermal insulation
  • Thermal-insulating wind protection
  • Saves your money and nature
  • Good and draft-free indoor air
  • Even room temperature
  • Quiet living
  • The building retains its value
  • Attics and roofs 0.07 W/m2K
  • Walls 0.12–0.14 W/m2K
  • Floor 0.07–0.10 W/m2K

Source: Rakenteellinen energiatehokkuus, “structural energy efficiency guide” (VTT 2015)

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