Termex® Cellulose

Premium blown-in thermal insulation for modern construction

Termex Cellulose insulation is a fire and moisture-safe blown-in insulation for modern construction. Good thermal resistance is a sum of many factors. The excellence of Termex Cellulose insulation is based on the seamlessness of the thermal insulation and the breathability of the porous wood fibres, meaning the ability to equalise balance moisture, and its low air permeability. Its high specific heat capacity evens out temperature fluctuations, maintaining natural living comfort both in summer and in winter.

Termex Cellulose insulates in all conditions!


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Thermal comfort while saving energy and nature

Carbon-neutral Termex Cellulose insulation is produced with as little environmental impact as possible, utilising EKOenergy labelled electricity. Finnish Termex Cellulose insulation is a safe, researched product. It meets the emission class requirements of M1 building material and has a CE mark and an environmental product declaration (EPD). Termex Cellulose insulation is among the best blowing wools in terms of its thermal resistance. Its thermal conductivity is only 0.038 W/mk (dec 23.50).