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Breathable and ecological insulation solutions for new construction

Insulation solutions for ecological construction


Termex Cellulose insulation is a safe choice for the construction of new buildings

Cellulose insulation, or wood fibre insulation, is Finland’s most popular thermal insulation of the attics. Due to its good thermal insulation, installability, and breathability, cellulose insulation is a perennial favourite among people looking to build houses. Cellulose insulation is a long-lasting choice with a long tradition in Finland.

Fire and moisture-proof Termex Cellulose insulation is a sure choice for thermal insulation in modern construction.


A Termex insulated home is breathable, natural, and comfortable

Wood-based materials are a natural choice for Finnish home builders. Together with the wooden frame, Termex Cellulose insulation forms a seamless and breathable thermal insulation envelope that keeps the heat either inside or outside – depending on the time of year.

A draft-free, even room temperature and safe indoor air guarantee superior living comfort.


Breathable structure through Termex Cellulose Insulation

A breathable structure consists of building materials that have a balancing effect on indoor and outdoor humidity conditions. Breathable structures are familiar to Finns from log houses and traditional timber houses insulated with saw dust. The structures, based on natural fibres such as cellulose insulation, do not contain structural layers that prevent drying. Centuries of experience say this allows for long-lasting, healthy structures. Under normal conditions, moisture does not condense into water in cellulose insulation structures – moisture cannot condense at the dew point because the wood fibres are able to transfer moisture towards the drying point at a molecular level in the structure. A breathable structure allows the passage of water vapour, as well as other gases such as carbon dioxide. Airtightness of the structure can be achieved with air barrier paper or fabric.

Breathable structures can withstand moisture.


Carbon-neutral Termex Cellulose insulation is made of wood fibres


In the manufacturing process for Termex Cellulose insulation, we make use of wood that has been industrially processed once by producing insulation material from recycled paper fibres. Wood binds carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows. This bound carbon remains in the cellulose insulation throughout the life cycle of the building, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The production of Termex Cellulose insulation consumes only few natural resources. That makes it a truly climate-friendly choice!

Carbon-neutral Termex Cellulose is produced with as little environmental impact as possible, utilising EKOenergy-labelled electricity.


Termex insulation services for new builders – Thermal insulation made easy!

Blown-in installation is a quick and easy way to effectively insulate the attics, walls and floors of your house. Our expert will help map out the thermal insulation needs of your house, after which you will receive a comprehensive offer for the insulation work. After this, authorized Termex installer performs the insulation work for you at the agreed time.

You always get first-class blown-in thermal insulation as a turnkey service product.

Finnish Termex Cellulose insulation is a safe, researched product. It has a CE mark and an environmental product declaration.

The unique benefits of Termex: