Savings and the peace of silence – Verso realised the dream of a constructor couple

Laura and Pertti Kröger realised their dream and built a Verso detached house suitable for their family in Vantaa’s Kivistö in 2015.

At Verso, life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions are minimised using wood-based and recycled building materials, such as cellulose insulation. The house has breathable structures functional regarding moisture questions, that guarantee

a long service life for the house and a comfortable living environment for the residents.

Eco-efficiency has been pursued with sustainable development material choices and energy-saving solutions. The use of wood and recycled products has been emphasised from the point of view of a low environmental burden and cost efficiency. A modern passive house is not only safe, but also a wise solution economically.

Laura Kröger is satisfied with the functioning and atmosphere of her home after three years of living there.

“Our home is a modern house where versatile building technology secures and takes care of everything, starting with automatic lighting. We try to avoid unnecessary consumption in everything. Termex Cellulose insulation is a natural part of this modern construction style. Significant savings have been achieved. The passive house’s electricity bills have been surprisingly small.”

The heating requirements of a passive house are less than half those of a standard house. This means significant cost and environmental savings during the life cycle of the building.

The energy efficiency invested in the structures will last the entire life cycle of the building without significant maintenance.

Successful insulation also works effectively as sound insulation

Good sound insulation is also one of the most significant factors. Kröger’s home is close to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport area and thus within the aircraft noise area, but thanks to the successful insulation, no noise is heard at all.

“You can see the planes from the window, but otherwise you would have no idea about the planes taking off and landing.”