When was the last time you visited the attic?

Did you know that the loft attic has several functions? The surface of the roof protects against rain and snow. The underlay directs the water that got through the surface to the outside of the attic and reduces condensation inside the attic. Often, the house’s ventilation ducts run insulated through the attic, from the air supply unit to the rooms. The roof’s shapes prevent the effects of wind on the attic. Thermal insulation reduces heat loss in winter and prevents heat from entering indoors in summer. The air and vapour barrier under the thermal insulation layer prevents the moisture contained in the warm indoor air from condensing on the structures during the heating season. Gangways enable regular checks and possible maintenance procedures to be carried out on the flat roof. Chimney fire insulation protects wooden structures from fire risks.

The attic comprises many structural parts, the condition of which is often checked only infrequently. This is about to change. Termex-Eriste Oy has founded a subsidiary, Vintit Kuntoon Oy, which focuses on additional insulation, and provides a free Vintit Kuntoon service for residents of detached houses. Vintit kuntoon service’s attic condition check includes inspecting the condition of the underlay and vapour barrier, the condition of ventilation duct insulation, wind protection, the amount and quality of thermal insulation material, and the amount and quality of chimney fire insulation material. If necessary, Termex’s insulation service takes care of the deficiencies and updates the thermal insulation to meet current requirements. A well-insulated, up-to-date loft attic raises the building’s value, increases living comfort, and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Let us take a trip to the attic for you!

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Pasi Typpö

The writer is the development and marketing director of Termex-Eriste Oy